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Rank Runner Finish Time Gender Location Temperature Activity
1 45:00 Female Allegheny , NY 5K Virtual Run / Walk
2 ⭐️ 3 56:31 Female El Monte, CA 5K Virtual Run / Walk
Great 5k walk/run with Gimli the Pirate Doggy. He loves to walk/run!
3 🌟 5 57:14 Female Olean, NY 46° F 10K Virtual Run / Walk
4 1:03:50 Male Olean, NY 72° F 10K Virtual Run / Walk
I wish I could have run outside but too much snow and ice... So the Y Track it is!
5 🏆 12 1:07:00 Female Derry , NH 10K Virtual Run / Walk

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 Derry , NH
Mom, wife, passionate about life and running. Be kind pay it f...
 Olean, US
My name is Cortney and I am committed to being #healthyin2017!...
 olean, NY
I have an awesome son who is a CDH survivor,love playing music...
 Barrington, NH
Hi! Im a mom to 3 fabulous kiddos and a personal trainer among...
 Las Vegas, NV
 Allegheny , NY
 Olean, NY
 El Monte, CA
A runner and a Muay Thai Fitness Coach.
 Olean, NY
Hi, I have a beautiful son who is a CDH survivor:) I love runn...
 Big Flats, NY
 Olean, NY