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1 🏆 25 39:23 Female Fulshear, TX 77° F 5K Virtual Run / Walk
Wow, well that was a tough one. I've been battling a respiratory infection for the last month, so this was my first run and first real exercise since then. Phew! Not my best, but accomplished my goal of doing it all in one session. :)
2 🏆 26 52:37 Female Everett, WA 46° F 5K Virtual Run / Walk
So much fun! Love this falling on my Birthday!
3 🏆 16 2:03:14 Female Everett, WA 51° F 5K Virtual Run / Walk
Fun with friends and puppies

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 Renton, WA
I'm a teacher of 6th grade and I love to run!
 Everett, WA
Run for fun, friends, puppies and fitness! My last puppy was m...
 Everett, WA
I love pups! I have a 2 year old Boxer pup named Dexter and a ...
 Fulshear, TX
Dog lover, math and tech chick, mom #FitFamAmbassador
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 Everett, WA