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1 32:22 Female Crete, IL 42° F 5K Virtual Run / Walk
2 39:23 Female 31° F 5K Virtual Run / Walk
Cool, moist morning, 31°. Missed the rain't by 45 minutes.
3 44:54 Female South Holland, IL 38° F 5K Virtual Run / Walk
The run was great! Our group ran together with our bibs on and posted with our medals after the run. It was a lot a fun.
4 45:15 Female South Hollabd, IL 38° F 5K Virtual Run / Walk
5 52:33 Female IL 37° F 5K Virtual Run / Walk
Early morning 3.33 mile walk/run with my Black Girls Run! SoHo Sunrise Sistahz. We did run/walk intervals the entire duration.
6 1:03:52 Female US 28° F 10K Virtual Run / Walk
7 1:08:49 Female IL 37° F 10K Virtual Run / Walk
Run was nice. The rain stopped for us and the temp stayed above freezing, added bonus! Did 5K with my SoHo sistahz and 5K solo but got it done!

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