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1 ⭐️ 4 35:00 Female Brentwood , CA 37° F 5K Virtual Run / Walk
We had a blast out running our 5k Fitfam race!
2 🏆 16 41:59 Female Sewickley, PA 60° F 5K Virtual Run / Walk
Ran on the treadmill today
3 🌟 6 47:12 Female Antioch, CA 5K Virtual Run / Walk
4 🌟 9 51:37 Female sudbury, MA 40° F 5K Virtual Run / Walk
I didn't stop my MapMyRun at the 5K. I kept going for another mile. I did 4.08 in 1:09:10 - last mile was slower due to increasing rain. My average pace was 16.57 so (16.57 X 3.1 = 51.37). Fresh Pond in Cambridge, MA. One full lap, partial lap and up to parking lot to meet my ride
5 ⭐️ 2 54:46 Female Guelph, ON 6° C 5K Virtual Run / Walk
It was wetter than I'd hoped but not as cold as it could have been for this time of year. I decided to walk the challenge as I haven't been running since October and it allowed me to get out with both my dogs. It felt good.
6 🌟 6 55:00 Female Gettysburg, PA 44° F 5K Virtual Run / Walk
7 🌟 8 55:00 Female North Lawrence, OH 5K Virtual Run / Walk
8 59:25 Female AB 5K Virtual Run / Walk
Went on the treadmill in my building at 06:15! 🙂
9 🌟 7 1:03:36 Female London, ON 4° C 10K Virtual Run / Walk
We had an awesome run this morning, again forgetting that Sunday's are the long SLOW run again had great pace time. We started out in the residential area then looped into Springbank Park where at the halfway mark (9km) we had candy and oranges or bananas.
10 🏆 10 1:03:57 Female Pinellas Park, FL 40° F 5M Virtual Hike
Cold, windy and hilly for this Florida girl but I did it!
11 ⭐️ 2 1:09:18 Female Swoyersville, PA 37° F 5K Virtual Run / Walk
I walked my neighborhood and got home just in time because it started to rain as I was in my driveway LOL otherwise a perfect day. School was canceled because of a nice storm overnight so we didn't have school today. I work in schools!
12 ⭐️ 2 1:34:32 Female Syracuse, NY 59° F 10K Virtual Run / Walk
Ran along the Erie Canal in Syracuse, NY
13 ⭐️ 2 1:38:00 Female ON 10K Virtual Run / Walk
10 km split up up over two 5 km runs while my children were attending dance lessons. Originally signed up for the 5 km em/walk, but had the opportunity for a second run, so took it and doubled my efforts! Completed on an indoor walking/running track in an arena with hockey going on in the background, so loud and cold, but that didn't stop me!!
14 🏆 12 1:52:00 Female Hamilton, ON 4° C 5K Virtual Run / Walk
It was so slow and painful with my bruised rib (what a week of random injuries!) I also forgot to stop MMF when we got to the mall so that time isn't exactly accurate. The weather was great, foggy and a little windy.
15 🌟 5 2:27:16 Female Janesville, WI 10K Virtual Run / Walk

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