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Rank Runner Finish Time Gender Location Temperature Activity
1 🌟 9 Verified Top Finisher
18:30 Male Redmond, WA 39° F 5K Virtual Run / Walk
Ran an evening 5k on the Sammamish River Trail. Pretty chilly and it got dark way too fast, but I think that sped me up. Ran an 18:30. My fastest in a year 😊
2 🌟 6 Verified Top Finisher
46:12 Male Farmington Hills, MI 10K Virtual Run / Walk
3 13:05 Male Fredericksburg, VA 5K Virtual Run / Walk
4 🌟 5 21:42 Male Reseda, CA 5K Virtual Run / Walk
Nice, tempo 5k for the FitFam Challenge
5 22:04 Male JBLM, WA 30° F 5K Virtual Run / Walk
Used my #fitfamchallenge as a tempo run during my taper week for a trail half marathon this weekend. Pretty icy out so I had to stick to some gravel trails. Great morning to run, despite the ice-- clear, blue skies and chilly temps made it great.
6 ⭐️ 2 23:40 Male Madison, AL 54° F 5K Virtual Run / Walk
Nice race
7 ⭐️ 2 25:33 Male Medina, OH 28° F 5K Virtual Run / Walk
Doubled up on good causes - completed my #FitFamChallenge while also running the Chippewa Lake Lions Club Polar Bear Plunge & 5k. I may not be the fastest to complete the 5k, but I just may give the unofficial fastest / coldest combination a run for the money! :)
8 πŸ† 17 26:16 Male Auburn, WA 46° F 5K Virtual Run / Walk
9 🌟 8 26:24 Male Renton, WA 5K Virtual Run / Walk
10 πŸ† 25 27:14 Male Seattle, WA 5K Virtual Run / Walk
11 28:12 Male US 32° F 5K Virtual Run / Walk
12 29:34 Male Baltimore, MD 5K Virtual Run / Walk
30th Birthday 5k. I am still recovering from the flu but I ran anyway! I was slower than usual because of this!
13 ⭐️ 3 32:30 Male Columbus, OH 30° F 5K Virtual Run / Walk
It went very good. Started out smooth first mile 2nd mile went even better then I thought. 3rd mile I slowed my pace down some but over all great and relaxing run :-).
14 🌟 5 34:35 Male Spokane, WA 70° F 5K Virtual Run / Walk
First time in years I ran inside on a treadmill. But it was one of those days. I couldn't get outside to run. I was having a bad day going through my mom's house and still grieving her passing. Overeating. Went to Red Robin to use a gift card before it expired. Then on the way home decided to pull into muvit fitness and sign up. By the time they took all my money lol the roads were frozen so I... See more »
15 🌟 6 37:55 Male Farmington, CT 40° F 5K Virtual Run / Walk
Great Fun on a VERY Chilly Sunday. Thanks FitFam!
16 🌟 9 38:41 Male Mundelein, IL 43° F 5K Virtual Run / Walk
Beautiful day for a run in Illinois. I was afraid I'd be running in subzero temps.
17 ⭐️ 3 39:07 Male Quincy, IL 32° F 5K Virtual Run / Walk
18 🌟 8 40:36 Male Wake Forest, NC 5K Virtual Run / Walk
19 πŸ† 15 42:02 Male Renton, WA 41° F 5K Virtual Run / Walk
20 πŸ† 21 43:00 Male Orland, CA 5K Virtual Run / Walk
It was tough, but I got it done. On my way back after a few months of rest at the end of 2016. Included as part of my half marathon training. Running in the now classic FitFam Challenge shirt!
21 πŸ† 11 43:21 Male Gig Harbor, WA 83° F
On vacation in Mexico, got the distance in , but did not record a time
22 45:00 Male Fayetteville, NC 49° F 5K Virtual Run / Walk
23 45:00 Male Fayetteville, NC 49° F 5K Virtual Run / Walk
24 🌟 8 51:37 Male Riverside, CA 43° F 5K Virtual Run / Walk
Very cold out but I actually think it made the run easier!!
25 🌟 5 53:15 Male Boise, ID 10K Virtual Run / Walk
My cold is gone and back to running. But still too slick to run outsideβ€”and trying not to get sick again.
26 ⭐️ 2 55:00 Male Seattle, WA 5K Virtual Run / Walk
27 ⭐️ 4 55:15 Male Terrell , TX 54° F 5K Virtual Run / Walk
My wife Bev and I went to Ben Gill Park in Terrell, TX to walk our first FitFam 5K. Hope the next one doesn't hurt so much, haha.
28 πŸ† 13 55:42 Male Kirkland, WA 50° F 10K Virtual Run / Walk
It was so cool to see from last years Fitfam challenge to this year the improvement and hard work. I am so excited this year to level myself up in all aspects of my life. In my fitness life, I can't wait to run in the Chicago Marathon and continue my work to qualify someday for Boston. I owe all of my motivation to this site and group and so proud to share in everyone's fitness self as they #mo... See more »
29 🌟 5 58:00 Male Benbrook, TX 36° F 5K Virtual Run / Walk
30 πŸ† 10 1:00:00 Male Lower Burrell, PA 60° F 5K Virtual Run / Walk
Family walk around the pond.
31 🌟 8 1:02:13 Male Kenilworth , NJ 43° F 10K Virtual Run / Walk
Slower pamper the achilles pace lol.
32 πŸ† 16 1:03:06 Male Richland, WA 75° F 5K Virtual Run / Walk
Honeymoon with my sweetie and fellow fitfamer, Christina. Ran in to some baby sea turtles on the beach that of course skewed the time and added a slight detour to the run. And well of course it's about 50Β°F warmer than home and the sun is shining.
33 1:03:50 Male Olean, NY 72° F 10K Virtual Run / Walk
I wish I could have run outside but too much snow and ice... So the Y Track it is!
34 ⭐️ 2 1:07:00 Male Fredericksburg, VA 49° F 5K Virtual Run / Walk
It was awesome. I took this as only the beginning of a whole year of fitness.
35 πŸ† 13 1:08:54 Male San Bruno, CA 10M Virtual Hike
Well when I signed up for this I thought i'd be closer to being healthy...instead there have been a few steps back and I am back in the boot.. so I found a flat stretch of town and walked up and down a few blocks near the beach to reach my 3 miles.
36 πŸ† 14 1:12:59 Male Austin, TX 56° F 10K Virtual Run / Walk
Ran the 3M Half Marathon. Time submitted is for the 10k split.
37 1:14:24 Male Berea, OH 45° F 10K Virtual Run / Walk
Jogged most of it slowly because I'm coming off a knee injury. walked a little bit just to rest the knee here and there.
38 ⭐️ 4 1:15:00 Male Katy, TX 5K Virtual Run / Walk
39 ⭐️ 2 1:15:09 Male Aurora, CO 33° F 10K Virtual Run / Walk
Mapped out ten miles and just kept going till I made it all the way back