Gerbielyn Valentin

FitFam events: 🏆 11
FitFam event finishes (submitted): 6

I LOVE to WUN (Walk/Run)! For me doing these races is about going out there and having fun!
I started wunning back in 2005. I had a couple goals in mind: 1) to complete my first marathon and 2) raise $ for a worthy cause (The Leukemia Lymphoma Society). I was to complete both and have an amazing experience.
Since 2005, I have completed countless 5k/10k/12k/15's; 6 full marathons and I think 38 half marathons.
These days, I do a lot of fun 5k's that I can wun with my 2 puppies (Mira & Melitta). They've completed 14 - 5k's and counting.
I hope to see many of you out there on the course and if you see me, please say "hi"!
#FitFamAmbassador; #MoveTheMission